About mShop

I’m Collinx Mondesir, a Psychologist, Senior Graphic Designer, and a Multitalented Artist. The world of graphic design has been a profound force of transformation in my life, allowing me to contribute positively to my community. My commitment lies in the realm of “Purposeful Design.” This commitment led me to establish mShop, driven by the vision of empowering Haitians across the globe to reconnect with their identity, proudly wear their stories, and employ design as a catalyst for spreading positivity, advocating for just causes, and making a lasting impact.

mShop transcends being just a store; it serves as a creative space where design is the bridge connecting people, helping them convey their stories with greater depth and emotion. My mission is simple but powerful: to effect change through creativity, one design at a time.

 Through mShop, I aspire to engage directly with you, using design as a means to cultivate a sense of belonging, celebrate our shared heritage, and champion positive transformations.

Join me on this compelling journey where design transcends mere visuals and becomes a language of emotion and storytelling. Together, we will empower, inspire, and create a meaningful impact. Welcome to mShop, where design becomes a conduit for our stories, a unifier of hearts, and a catalyst for positive change.

Let’s craft, connect, and change lives together.

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